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ZENZELE Terms & Conditions


When you make a sales enquiry, ask for a written quotation, please check all the details carefully, delivery address, product and colour, contact details. Let us rectify any errors immediately. If in doubt of the colour or size of product needed, ask for samples to ensure that you order the correct product. Unfortunately, no product will be exchanged if delivered according to the pro-forma invoice. The client must ensure that the documentation supplied by Zenzele reflects the correct product and colour before the payment is made. Receipt of your payment implies acceptance of our written offer subject to the terms and conditions as published on our website.


The price payable is the ruling price at the time of dispatch of goods.


Your payment of order implies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.


  • Cash, cheques (Personal, Business, Bank or Bank Guaranteed), Electronic transfers.
  • All cheque payments are subject to a minimum 7-working-day clearance.
  • Electronic Transfers may take up to 3 working days to reflect on our bank statements if the transaction is between different banks.
  • For your convenience, we have bank accounts with ABSA, FNB and Standard Bank.
  • The date of order will be considered as the date on which your payment reflects on our bank statement or when funds are cleared.



Claims will only be considered if the installation of the paving was done according to SABS specifications. Zenzele reserves the right to use an independent source to investigate claims and installation methods used. Where a contractor purchases reject and first grade paving for the same project, no claims will be entertained as there cannot be differentiated between reject and 1st grade once installed.


Due to the nature of the product, please accept that breakages will occur during the normal transportation of goods from the factory to the site. Allow the following breakage percentages:

  • Paving Bricks up to 5%
  • No breakage claims will be accepted for breakages falling within the above limits.



Zenzele will endeavour to do all deliveries as soon as possible. Please note however, that delivery lead times are subject to availability of product, trucks, weather conditions and receipt of payment.

  • Full loads (200- or 100m2 Pavers) receive preference over part loads.
  • If your order is not a full truck load, delivery will be expedited to 2-3 days by paying a fee of R250, else it may take up to 7 days.

Please contact our transport co-ordinator at dispatch 012 562 9960 to confirm delivery dates and availability of transport.


  • To avoid problems, we do need contact details of a responsible person on your site, as well as an alternative number.
  • Due to safety reasons, pavers can only be offloaded on a level area, next to the truck.
  • Trucks may NOT enter customer’s property or offload over boundary walls or fences, unless the customer agrees in writing. Should this be required, it is then done at customer’s own risk, and Zenzele Bricks cannot be held responsible for resulting damages to buildings, paving, gates, fences or any other property or person.
  • Please ensure that the site is suitable for offloading. By signing the delivery note, you (The customer) agree that your order has been offloaded / received in good condition and that you are satisfied with the condition of the product(s). Any additional transportation / movement of your products after you signed the delivery note, will be your sole responsibility and Zenzele Bricks accepts no responsibility whatsoever, thereafter.



  • It is the responsibility of the customer to notify our Sales Person (at the time of purchase) of any difficulties to access the delivery site. This includes panhandles, small pavements, poor road conditions, steep slopes, dead ends, etc. If in doubt please contact us. Ensure that there is enough space for the load and the truck to turn.
  • Should you live in a security complex or estate, please advise our Sales Person of the policies of the complex relating to acceptable truck sizes, labour, delivery days and delivery times. Delivery charges will not be refunded if a delivery cannot be done due to problems at the customer’s site. A new delivery charge will be due for a repeat delivery of a returned consignment.



  • Efflorescence – This is due to dissolved salts in the cement and aggregates migrating to the surface and forming a white crystalline layer, which is soluble in dilute acid. Efflorescence is influenced by rain with subsequent drying. This may affect the colour of bricks and pavers, but can be removed by washing with diluted hydrochloric acid. 1 Part acid mixed with 20 parts water. (Pool acid can be used if it is hydrochloric acid.) Zenzele does not accept responsibility for the occurrence of efflorescence on its products, or treatment thereof.
  • Due to the nature of our industry and products, it is possible that products can get dirty occasionally. Customers may find that the bottom layers of bricks in the packs are soiled due to dust or mud. It is a generally accepted practice for contractors to clean brickwork or pavers thoroughly after placement. This practice will rid the bricks of dirt and dust that has accumulated during storage, transportation and on site. Claims for soiled products will therefore not be accepted.



  • Customers are required to present their delivery note, which will be issued by the dispatch office at the time of collection of goods.
  • Zenzele will not assume responsibility for any damage to customer’s or their contractor’s vehicles, trailers or injuries to staff while collecting products at the Zenzele factory, regardless whether Zenzele staff and equipment are used to load or not. Customers or their contractors enter the Zenzele site entirely at their own risk.
  • When a customer uses another person or contractor to do the collection on their behalf, an arrangement must be made with the dispatch office beforehand.
  • The collection slip must state clearly the customer’s details, who the driver is, which product and what quantity is being collected.


We load free of charge.

Collection hours: 07:30 to16:00 Monday to Thursday, 07:00 to 13:00 Fridays


  • Note that Cottage and Interlock 80mm pavers weigh approx. 3kg each.
  • Bevel and Interlock 60mm weigh approx. 2.5kg each; a one-ton Bakkie loads approx. 400 pavers.

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