About Us

About Zenzele Brix!

Zenzele Brix is a manufacturer of concrete products in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa

We supply paving companies, builders and the DIY public in the greater Pretoria area

Our products are specifically designed for

Industrial, commercial and home owners

Products include pavers for all applications

Landscaping products and cladding for design features.





Zenzele pavers and bricks are made from high strength cement and superior aggregates in a range of colours to enable you to achieve vibrant design themes for lovely homes, industrial parks, beautiful paving and eye catching commercial buildings. All colours are consistent and comply with SABS specifications ensuring long term stability.

The company was founded by Wendel Krook and manufacturing of a wide range of concrete paving products commenced during 2006.

Zenzele Brix motto is “Bricks you can trust” We strive to comply with this motto by intensive in-house testing as well as testing products at an independent lab.