Cottage paving bricks

Cottage paving bricks:
Zenzele concrete cottage paving bricks (200 x 150 x 50mm) differ only in size from the bevel paver (200 x 100 x 50mm). It is made of the same materials (by mixing crushed stone, sand, cement, dyes and other materials in various amounts) and dry cast process.  

Cottage pavers have a compressive strength of at least 25Mpa and are suitable for light traffic areas such as residential driveways, sidewalks, pavement, patios etc. It is easy to install and very cost effective.

Cottage paving bricks come in 5 different colours namely grey, charcoal, tan, terra cotta and plum.

Technical Specifications:

Description Unit Size (mm) No/m² Compressive strength Qty/Pallet
Cottagel paver 200 x 150 x 50 34 25 mpa 333
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