Landscaping products

All wet cast paving products must be packed with a 10 mm open formation.

Landscaping products:
Zenzele Brix manufactures a wide variety of very popular landscaping products including the Classic landscape circle, stepping stones ie simulated railway sleepers and tree trunks. Our landscaping products require no maintenance.

Classic landscape circle:

The Classic landscape circle has a diameter of 3,5m and is made in such a way that it can be used as a full, half or quarter circle.. The Classique circle has a slate finish.

Classic landscape circle specifications:

Landscaping circles
Description Unit No/m² Weight (ea)
Row 1 - 580 diameter ea 4.00 6.34kg
Row 2 - 640 diameter ea 20.00 3.92 kg
Row 3 - 580 diameter ea 20.00 5.97 kg
Row 4 - 740 diameter ea 20.00 11.84 kg
Row 5 - 880 diameter ea 20.00 17.68 kg
Complete Circle - 3 500 mm   84  


Stepping stones:
We also manufacture a wide range of stepping stones ie simulated railway sleepers and tree trunks to complement any garden.

Simulated concrete railway sleepers - Technical specifications:

Simulated concrete railway sleepers
Description Unit Size (mm) Weight (ea)
Long ea 1200 x 300 x 50 25.00 kg
Full ea 850 x 220 x 40 19.00 kg
Half ea 450 x 220 x 40 9.00 kg

Simulated concrete tree trunks - specifications:

Simulated concrete tree trunks
Description Unit Size Weight (ea)
Tree trunk ea 400 D 12.5 kg





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